Fake doctor tells me to stop eating my food

The fake doctor told me to quit eating my vegetables, according to a doctor who told me that the doctor in question has fake credentials.

The New York Post reported on Tuesday that a doctor in New York City told the newspaper he has an affiliation with a group called Doctors for Truth.

The group is based in Virginia but has offices in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh.

The doctor told the Post that he and a colleague have been in touch with the fake doctor, who has the credentials of a medical school graduate.

The fake doctor has been contacted by the Post, but no one from the group has responded to a request for comment.

The doctor in the New York report told the paper that he believes that a group of doctors are behind the fake claims of fake credentials and that he hopes to expose the hoaxers.

“They have no legitimate credentials, which means they are not medical doctors,” the doctor said.

“It’s a sham, a fraud.”

According to the Post’s sources, the fake physician has claimed that he has been performing emergency procedures, performed cardiac catheterizations, and used his own blood pressure medication, but that he is not a doctor.

He has also claimed to have undergone the operation of a fake heart, as well as a false pregnancy test.