The Naturopathic Doctor: I’m a Foot Doctor and a Foot Care Specialist and I’m on Twitter

I am a Naturopath.

And I’m proud to say that I’m not only an Australian naturopath, but a foot doctor.

I have also been an orthopedic surgeon, a podiatrist and an orthoticist, and I’ve treated a variety of patients, including cancer patients, heart disease patients, arthritis patients, and many others.

I’ve even been a foot specialist in a couple of my patients’ homes.

And my clients love it.

They call me ‘Naturopath’ because I treat all types of foot problems.

But it’s not just foot problems that I deal with.

My clients are also happy with my foot care, and when they get a diagnosis of osteoarthritis, I treat it as a ‘foot disease’.

And that’s a very rewarding thing to do.

Foot injuries are a major cause of disability and death worldwide.

I treat foot injuries and fractures as a matter of course.

It’s an old and very traditional practice that we all know and trust, but the modern-day Naturopathy is a little bit different.

When I was a foot surgeon, I used to be very careful about who I treated and when, because foot problems can be life-threatening.

I didn’t treat them like a new disease, because it could potentially lead to death.

So I would treat them with a dose of antibiotics, or maybe a few months of rest, to minimise the chance of death.

And that was a very important thing for my foot surgery patients.

But the modern day Naturoopath also needs to be careful, because there are a lot of new, more modern medical techniques that are being used to treat osteoarsiology, for example.

One of those techniques is the non-invasive osteoarthroscopy (NAO).

In this technique, you don’t have to use needles or other instruments, just your fingers and toes.

So you can see the bones under the skin of your foot and see what’s happening in them.

NAO also uses CT scans, which are extremely reliable and have a long history of use, so it’s very common to see this technology being used in foot surgeries.

This is why the Naturoopathic Foot Doctor is also known as a Natropath Foot Doctor.

Naturoopathy, which means “love” in Sanskrit, is the science of healing by the mind.

I think it’s important to know that the modern Naturopharmists are doing the same kind of work, because they’re helping their patients heal.

If you’re interested in learning more about Naturoology and Foot Health, I recommend checking out the Natropathic Foot Health website.

This article first appeared on the Australian Health Practitioner Association website.