How to spot a fake doctor note

In a world where doctors are so busy being doctors that they don’t actually get to spend much time on the phone, a fake physician’s note can be quite revealing. 

We’re not talking about a doctor’s note where the doctor is actually making the note.

We’re talking about one where the person writing it has no idea how serious the condition is or the severity of the condition.

It may be a simple, harmless note to share with a friend or family member. 

However, if it’s a doctor who’s actually using it to gain access to children and/or to get their money, it could be the very thing they’ve been secretly trying to hide from the world. 

If you see this sort of thing, get on the web and get in touch with us.

The BBC’s children’s health team are on the lookout for any evidence of fraudulent doctors who are abusing children in the UK and abroad. 

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