Sleep Doctor says the NBA can use all the help it can get

By Matt – July 19, 2021 11:24:18Sleep Doctor Dr. James Anderson is confident the NBA is the perfect place to put its collective feet on the court as it prepares for the start of training camp in two weeks.

Anderson, the chairman of the NBA’s Physical Therapists Association, said Monday that he was hopeful the league would find a way to keep players out of the arena for as long as possible.

The commissioner of the New Orleans Pelicans, who is a sleep doctor, said Tuesday the league will need to make changes, including an exemption for the preseason games.

In an email, the Pelicans said: “It is my hope that the NBA will use all its resources to provide maximum assistance to the players in this process.

There is no way for us to do this without the players and we believe that they have a right to have maximum assistance, but this is an evolving situation and it is our hope that NBA will work to provide additional time.”

The NBA’s training camp has been marred by violence and death.

On Friday, the NBA announced it would open the season with four weeks of games on a Friday night, while other major sports leagues are limiting the schedule to three days of games.