How to save a life in New York City

A patient is shown in the operating room at St. Barnabas Hospital in Manhattan, New York, U.S., April 16, 2020.

REUTERS/Brendan McDermid The New York Times reports the following:A physician in New Orleans, Louisiana, told the newspaper that a patient with a fatal blood clot had the blood pressure tested before she was admitted to the hospital.

She tested normal and had normal blood pressure and did not need to be sedated, Dr. Denny Johnson told the Times.

She had a high level of COVID-19 in her blood, and the virus was detected on her blood serum test, he said.

The patient was taken to St. Bernard Parish Medical Center, where she died in April, Johnson said.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune reported that a physician in Brooklyn, New Jersey, said he had treated a man with an acute coronary syndrome in the hospital and he died within 24 hours of being admitted, the newspaper said.

It’s unclear what prompted the patient to be admitted to a hospital with a high risk of infection, but the New York Tribune said the patient had a history of having been tested positive for the virus, the paper said.

The patient’s family members did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The report comes a week after a patient died at St Paul’s Hospital in New Jersey after he was admitted with COVID infection, according to the New Jersey Times.

A patient is seen in the office of a gastroenterologist at St Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Manhattan on April 14, 2020, in New Delhi, India.

India has been grappling with an epidemic of coronavirus and the country’s healthcare system is reeling.

This is the latest case of a healthcare worker who has died after being infected with the virus in India, officials said on Friday.

A man with COVI died of his coronaviral illness on Thursday.

A woman who was being treated in the intensive care unit at the St. George’s Hospital near Delhi, on Thursday died after contracting the virus.

An autopsy revealed the man had COVID and died on Friday, but doctors did not know how he contracted it, the Indian government said in a statement.

There were also two other deaths in India related to the virus and one person had died of COVI, officials in the Indian capital said.