‘Beautiful’ Barbie doll can’t get her hair braided

By now, you’ve probably seen Barbie’s hair braiding doll, Barb, on television. 

It was a huge hit with parents in the US, and even made its way into countries like France and Japan, where the dolls were popular for their high-fashion appeal. 

Barbie dolls are also popular in Australia, where they’re being re-released in the fashion world.

But while Barbie dolls are now part of the pop culture zeitgeist, Barb’s hair is the subject of a new documentary by the Australian documentary makers, The Beauty of the Barbie Dolls. 

The documentary looks at the life and times of Barb and the dolls she inspired. 

We spoke to Melissa, one of the film’s co-directors, about the documentary and the history of hair braiders in Barbie’s time.

Melissa: I’ve been working on the documentary for over two years now, and Barby has been a huge part of my life for the past 20 years.

Barbie’s popularity as a child and as a teen has been such a huge influence on me as a person, that it’s made me a bit of a feminist.

I remember when Barb came out, it was really popular in the 1950s and 1960s.

The first time I saw her was in the 1970s, and she was so different.

She was so sexy and had a little bit of personality, but I was also very influenced by the way she looked and the way her hair was done.

She was very sexy, but it wasn’t really like a woman who had to be thin or curvy.

She had a lot of confidence and she had a kind of cool personality. 

She was also one of those dolls that had a pretty big personality.

You’d see her at parties with her friends and she’d be a pretty cool person to hang out with.

In the 1960s, I got my first Barbie doll, and I really loved that doll, but she didn’t have the personality that Barb did. 

When I got a second one, it wasn- it was a very different doll.

She didn’t look like Barb, but her hair wasn’t so pretty, she had more of a girlish look.

I remember that Barbie was actually very good looking, and the hair was so much better.

She actually had a really strong personality, she was kind of a tomboyish person. 

But I loved her hair, I really did.

I really liked it.

What inspired you to start working on this documentary?

I was always fascinated by hair.

I was a really big fan of Barbie dolls, I used to play with them when I was younger, and then I started working with them more when I got older.

I started watching the movies and I just loved the way they looked, and it’s like they were so different from Barbie’s look.

It just made me want to get into it more.

I wanted to learn more about the dolls and their history, so I started looking for the history behind Barbie dolls and hair braids.

The documentary will be available online in the next few months.

What was it like to be involved with this documentary, and how did you get involved?

I’ve been interested in the history and culture of hair since I was little.

I have an amazing collection of Barbie doll hair braides, and Barb is one of my favourites.

It’s one of Barb’s dolls that I got when I went to Australia to visit family in the early 90s.

I thought that I’d find a good Barbie doll and I would go with her, and we’d go and pick out her hair. 

There was a Barbie doll in that shop, so we went back, picked her up and went home and put it on and I was so excited to have that Barbie doll. 

My dad said that if I ever went to visit my mum and dad, I’d buy her a Barbie, because I was obsessed with Barb.

I wanted to see what she was like in real life, and so when I found out that I could get her Barbie, it made me very happy. 

You also filmed some of Barb using her hair as a prop in her own movie, Barb’s Secret Life.

What do you think made her so appealing as a Barbie?

Barbie was really good looking at the time.

She really had a girly personality, and her hair and her clothes and her makeup made her look pretty.

But she was also a tomboyle, and that’s when her hair really became a big part of her character. 

What was the first time you saw her in the flesh?

When I first saw her, I think it was in that doll shop in Melbourne. 

In that doll store, they had Barb’s hair that was dyed blonde and pink. 

They’d take her out and dye it blonde and then go to the hair salon and give her the