“Virtual Doctor” visits a hospital virtual doctor in California

A virtual doctor has visited a hospital to see patients with respiratory issues and to prescribe an antibiotic, according to a video posted on social media Wednesday.

The video shows a nurse delivering a dose of a nasal spray to a patient who appears to be coughing, and then the virtual doctor comes to the room to give the medication.

The nurse is dressed in a mask and appears to administer a nasal tube, which the virtual doctors hands a patient a bottle of.

The virtual doctor then sits down in a chair to give his or her patient a shot of the antibiotic.

A nurse who is wearing a mask walks up to the virtual patient and hands it to him or her.

The footage shows the virtual nurse walking the patient up a flight of stairs and up to a small room where she gives the patient an injection of the nasal spray.

The nursing staff then leave the room, and the video ends with the virtual Doctor sitting down in the chair in the room and giving the medication to the patient.

The patient is given the drug before the video was taken.