How the smile doctor, the smiles, and the smiles will be on the lips of Trump’s children

The smiling faces will be everywhere on the face of Donald Trump’s family, his eldest son and eldest daughter announced Monday.

“We’re going to be the face for our children’s lives,” Ivanka Trump said in a statement.

The statement came after the president announced in an interview with the Today Show that his oldest son Barron had been diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder.

Trump Jr., a top adviser to the president, had tweeted earlier Monday that his father was “very proud” of Barron.

Ivanka Trump’s announcement that her family will be the official face of his presidency comes amid growing speculation that Trump may choose to have children with his daughter Ivanka, who is married to Jared Kushner, a top White House adviser.

“The President’s son Barron is in excellent health and we’re happy to announce that he’s been approved for an accelerated immunizations program, which will allow him to receive two doses of the MMR vaccine in less than a week,” a White House official told The Washington Post on Monday.

The official also said Ivanka will have her own role as an advocate for the administration.

“Ivanka has spent a lot of time with Barron in the White House, and they are going to continue to have a strong relationship as the president continues to push forward his agenda,” the official said.

The Trump family announced earlier this month that their children were being given a “bilateral” MMR vaccine, and that Ivanka would be the one to decide whether the shots were administered in her home country of the United States.

The two-dose regimen of the vaccine is expected to be administered in the United Kingdom in mid-October.

“Barron’s diagnosis means that his body is rejecting the vaccine that is in his body,” Ivanka said in the statement.

“He needs to receive a vaccine right now.

He is very excited about this and looks forward to seeing his family and friends on the big screen again soon.”

Ivanka Trump also announced Monday that her father will make the announcement of the administration’s official face, the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency, on Monday afternoon at the White.

The new head will be Nikki Haley, a former governor of South Carolina and Trump’s choice for EPA administrator.

The announcement came just days after the Trump administration announced the resignation of former EPA administrator Scott Pruitt, who Trump appointed to lead the agency in early February.

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