How to beat doctors and patients in internal medicine

Dr Zhivago is an internal medicine doctor in Chicago.

He’s also a popular YouTube personality, and he’s a member of the Doctors Bag.

In this podcast, we’re going to talk to Dr Zhive about how he overcame his own doctoring issues, what it was like to have a crush on a patient, and what to look for in a doctor when choosing a doctor.


Why do you want to do this?

It’s not that I wanted to be a doctor, it’s that I was very insecure as a child.

When I was in middle school, I was constantly on the fence between the good and the bad.

As a child, I felt like I needed to be better at something.

I was a big nerd and had no interest in learning.

I hated school, but I wanted it.

I didn’t want to make friends, so I went to all the movie theaters and had all the fun.

I remember looking at a poster that said, “You need to learn the secret language of the internet.”

And that was how I discovered YouTube.

I saw a video that said something like, “Get ready to become a real internet celebrity.

You can become a YouTube sensation.”

I was so excited.

I thought, “I’m going to be so successful!”

I thought I was going to make so much money!

But my life was very miserable.

I couldn’t go out and do things that I enjoyed.

I went back to school, and then I got sick.

I had a really hard time recovering, and I didn`t feel like I was being successful.

But I thought: I`m going to find a doctor that would give me this incredible life I wanted.

I found Dr Zhiver.

I don`t know how it happened, but after I did my first patient, I got a call from the hospital, and they said, I want you to go to my office and we are going to try something.

They said, You have two hours, we want to hear from you.

I’m going out there and I was feeling very confident.

The first patient was very nice.

She was very warm, and the second patient was a bit weird.

I got the third patient and she was really nice.

They were all really nice, and we had a good time.

I kept my composure, and this was one of the best moments of my life.

I knew I was getting a doctor with a lot of experience, so that was a great feeling.


What did you do differently in your first two patients?

The first two people I had to adjust to were really nice people.

But in my third patient, they didn`ve been super nice, so it was hard.

I guess it was just me being insecure about what I thought my patients were like.

I think that was what helped me overcome my doctoring anxiety, because I realized that they were just like me, they were all just really nice to me.

I learned from my mistakes.

I really learned that I can’t just say anything.

When you say something to a patient that you are really happy about, they will listen to you, and it`s really going to help.

They are listening to you.

That is how I managed to overcome my anxiety about making a patient happy.


What do you think it was about your first patient that made you so confident?

I was doing a patient presentation on YouTube, and a nurse was watching and asked me, “Hey, do you know that this patient really likes to talk about her feelings?”

I said, Yeah, I know.

So the nurse came over and told me about this patient.

She asked me to put the video on the internet and share it with her.

So I put the videos online, and my patient started to be interested in it.

She said, It`s like I`ve got a special talent.

I told her it`ll be so cool if I share it on YouTube.

So we did it and I started to get some interest in the videos.

She thought it was a really cool idea, and she liked it, so she started to watch the videos more and more.

I started sharing them with her, and suddenly we were making a lot more money than we had planned.

I realized how valuable the YouTube business is.

She got to see it, and when she saw it, she was like, Oh, my God, I really want to be in this profession!

So I kept sharing more and the more I shared it, the more she liked the videos, and now she was interested in them.


What was your relationship with your first doctor like?

I think it had to do with me being a really good listener.

I could listen to a lot and I can be very open and really funny.

My first doctor was really great at talking to patients, but she was also very strict and controlling. I