Kdrama star reveals she was diagnosed with a brain tumour, back pain and other medical issues after being fired from her first job

Doctors are struggling to keep the lid on the emotional fallout from a recent episode of the hit Korean drama Kdramas.

In the latest episode, which aired on Thursday, a doctor has to deal with a series of bizarre medical emergencies as a patient struggles to cope with the pressures of her new job as a back pain doctor.

It was the first time that the doctor had ever been on set, and it came at the height of a tumultuous week for the drama, which had been airing in Korea for two weeks.

Kdramasis’ first episode aired in January, and viewers took to social media to share their reactions to the character Kwon Seung-hyun, played by Choi Min-ho.

They praised the actress for her unique and likable persona, while some called for her to be fired from the show for her behavior.

“I hope the drama will be safe for her.

She was so nice and kind.

It was a big shock for me when I saw her on the set, but I think it’s okay to be honest,” one user posted.

The show’s producers are also struggling to cope, with many of the actors who were in the role expressing shock and regret for their actions.

One of the show’s cast members, Lee Hyun-gi, admitted to having an ulterior motive in the episode.

“My character’s actions were definitely meant to make the viewers happy.

I was trying to portray a strong character, so I shouldn’t have been so mean,” he said.

He added: “I regret my actions.

I should have handled things in a more reasonable manner.

I hope that other doctors will be a bit more careful in future.”

Meanwhile, another character, Kang Dong-yeon, was also fired from his role as a doctor after the episode aired.

The actor was the main character of the first episode, and he is now back in the hospital.

“The second episode was a mistake, and I was the one who did not make the first one work.

I am really sorry,” Kang said.

“I should have been more respectful of my character and said more than what I did.

I don’t want people to think I am bitter or angry, I’m just trying to make sure the show stays on air.”

The drama has been airing on television since 2012, and has become a cult favourite among the fans.

The cast and producers have been contacted for comment.