‘Fake doctors’ note written by Serie A player: ‘It’s an insult to doctors and to our families’

Football Italian understands that a player from the Serie A has allegedly written a note written to his “fake doctor” stating “It’s a joke”.

The player is identified only as “Giorgio” in a press release from the Italian Football Federation, but has since been identified by Italian football website La Gazzetta dello Sport as Roberto Giorgio Bolaño.

Giorgi Bolaños son has been linked with the Juventus youth team, where he is currently on loan from Udinese, and the player’s father, Giovanni Bolaña, also appears to have been in contact with the youngster, according to La Gazetta della Sport.

The player, who plays for Bologna, has not yet commented publicly on the matter, but is understood to be very unhappy with the note, as well as his own career, and with Juventus’ youth system.

According to La Aventura newspaper, the player claims the note was written by Bolazzi after Bola has already informed the Juventus president of his plans to leave the club.

“It’s not a joke, it’s an opinion,” the player said, adding that the note has been sent to Bola in an anonymous note addressed to Boli.

“There are many doctors who are not happy with the state of our football.

I’m a doctor.

I understand the sport, I understand football and I understand what we need to do.”

The note was also written in Italian, though there is no indication whether it is a genuine one or not.

Juventus have yet to comment on the claims.