Why your knee is so bad for you

A knee doctor in Australia says your knee can become infected with bacteria and itchy, inflamed, or sore, and can lead to chronic pain and chronic fatigue.

“If you can’t stretch out your knee properly, it can become a chronic infection,” Dr Michael MacDougall told ABC News.

“So if you have pain and stiffness that you have to get a prosthesis to work, it’s likely to be caused by infection.”

“The risk of complications with surgery is high, as well,” he said.

“We recommend that people with knee problems go to a knee specialist.”‘

Itchy, red, and sore’Dr MacDougell said the problem with knee infections is “extremely rare”.

“The infection is usually in the tissues, but the infection is also in the bone and muscles,” he explained.

“There’s usually a little red or tenderness around the joint or something like that.”

“If it becomes infected in the knee, the infection usually gets into the bone, where it can grow into the joint, and eventually causes inflammation.”

He said if the infection persists for a long time, it will become a life-threatening condition.

“You can be in hospital for weeks, months, if you’re knee is not properly stretched out, you could end up in a hospital, as there is no healing or healing at the joints,” he advised.

“Itchy redness and tenderness is what usually leads to infection.”

When the infection gets in the joints, it’ll then cause pain and swelling and itching in the joint.

“As you have swelling and pain and tenderity, it leads to inflammation.”

Dr MacDouglas said the infection could be treated with antibiotics.

“The best treatment is antibiotics, and the antibiotic will generally stop the infection,” he added.

“But antibiotics don’t cure the infection, so if the inflammation continues, it is going to eventually lead to the need for surgery.”

“Most people will be in the first stages of the infection and will need to be operated on, but if the pain doesn’t go away, it could become a long-term problem.”

Dr Michael MacDougal is the medical director of Foot Locker Foot Care in Adelaide.

He said the risk of infection from knee injuries is “very, very low”.

“It’s very rare that we get a complication of the disease and that’s a good thing,” he told ABC Radio Adelaide.

“That’s why I would advise that people go to your specialist and see their specialist about what they’re going to do, and if you can do it, go to that specialist.”

Dr James says knee infections have been very common in Australia.

“I think it’s a huge concern in Australia,” he shared.

“With knee injuries, people go and see a knee doctor, and a specialist, and it’s just really important that the knee is stretched out and the knee pain goes away.”