Good doctor, doctors note: Israel strikes Hezbollah targets in Syria

An Israeli air strike on Hezbollah targets near the Lebanese border killed two people, including a young woman, an Israeli military spokesman said Sunday.

The strike hit the militant group’s military headquarters near the village of al-Fayza on the Israeli-Syrian border, the spokesman said, adding that one civilian was wounded in the strike.

The Hezbollah spokesman said the attack was carried out in response to a request from the Israeli army.

The air raid targeted a convoy of trucks carrying military supplies, which were transporting Hezbollah fighters from a military base in southern Lebanon to the southern city of Hama, he said.

Israel’s attack came as Hezbollah launched a new offensive in the area of al-‘Eis al-Qasr, which has been the target of previous Israeli attacks.

The Israeli military said in a statement that it launched a number of strikes at the militant organization’s military facilities in Lebanon on Saturday, and that it killed four militants in the action.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which monitors violence in Syria, said Sunday that Hezbollah militants in Lebanon launched a “major offensive” in the southern town of Houla and the Syrian town of Ras al-Ain.

The Observatory also said that Hezbollah fighters and civilians attacked a military post in Ras al-‘Ain, killing three people and injuring dozens.

Syrian state media reported that a Lebanese army helicopter was shot down over Houlab in the north of the country.

A Lebanese military source said the helicopter was attacked by a Syrian military aircraft over the Lebanese city of Qaboun.