A chiropractor’s ‘doctor pimples’ the doctor

A chiropractic doctor who was forced to resign over an Instagram post that made fun of a “doctor” who has a hip replacement has been slammed for what she says is a “disgusting” comment about women.

“You need to know that I was a doctor,” Dr. Marissa M. Chiu said in a video that has since been removed.

“I was the first doctor in this country to take the medicine, the surgery, the procedure, and the pills.

I have seen so many beautiful women and I have never been one to judge them for it.

I just wanted to give them a choice.”

She was referring to Dr. Marc W. DeMarco, who has been working as a chiropractor in New York since 2010.

The doctor posted an Instagram video on Wednesday, in which he said: “I’m a doctor.

I’m a chiropractor.

I’ve got a hip.

I was on the way to the doctor and the chiropractor.”

He added: “You need a doctor, you need a hip, and I’m not one to tell you who that is.”

Chiu’s comments were later deleted.

In the video, she says that she would rather “sit in a room with a doctor” than take pills and surgery.

She also says that “the only thing that’s better than a hip is a vagina.”

“I think a lot of people are going to feel uncomfortable when they watch this,” she said.

“You just have to be a little more understanding and be patient.”

She has since apologized and said she did not mean to offend anyone.

Dr. Marc DeMarco is seen in this undated photo.

(Courtesy of Marc DeMario)Dr. Chuan told ABC News on Thursday that she had made the video “just for fun” and that she was not trying to hurt anyone.

“My intention was to do what I thought I was supposed to do.

I don’t want to upset anyone,” she told ABC.

Chuan has a history of controversial remarks.

Last year, she said that the media was trying to “steal” her “right to do whatever I want.”

She said in January that she “could be a woman” and was not a misogynist.

“If I want to be considered a man, I have to go through a whole process of changing my appearance, changing my speech, changing what I eat,” she added.

Chiu is not the first chiropractor to face backlash over her remarks.

A video of Dr. Michael J. Tuckerman from his office in Washington, D.C., who has not been publicly identified, was shared more than 1.6 million times in just over two weeks.

Tuckerman was suspended by the Chiropractic Association of America in October.

He apologized and posted a video apology.

Chu, who was not in the video with Tuckermans, said she believes that the chiropractics are “too afraid to have a woman doctor.”

“You know what I think?

The chiropracts have become too afraid to let women doctors be the doctors,” she explained.

“We want the woman to be the doctor. And I don´t think that the woman is good enough for that.”

“The doctor is the doctor, the chiroprictor is the chiropress, the therapist is the therapist, and so is the patient,” she continued.

“So what I want is for the woman, for the man to have the freedom to make his own decisions.

And not be afraid of the woman’s opinion.”ABC News’ Lauren Oakes contributed to this report.