Doctors’ union demands full disclosure of doctor’s medical history

A union representing American doctors wants to see full disclosure from hospitals about doctors’ medical history, including information about whether they were arrested or investigated for domestic violence or sexual abuse.

The American Hospital Association said the information is needed to help the public understand how their medical decisions are made and to ensure that all doctors have the information needed to make informed decisions about health care.

The union said the AMA’s proposal could have a major impact on the medical profession because the organization’s members pay a median salary of $85,000 a year.

It also wants the AMA to provide more details about the information doctors are required to provide.AMA president Dr. Steven Kocher said the organization was working on the proposal and had a lot of input from hospitals.

He said the association has not decided how much to charge for the plan.

The AMA said in a statement that it supports a standard that is currently in place for all medical records to be publicly available and has been working with the AMA on a comprehensive bill to make that happen.

In response to the AMA proposal, the American Medical Association said it supports the AMA plan to provide greater transparency in health care and has a wide range of health professionals who support the AMA bill.

The group said it was not able to respond to the proposed AMA plan in time for publication.