Delaware Medical Cannabis Program Details For Patients

Delaware Medical Marijuana Program: Contact Details

Delaware Department of Health and Social Services

Division of Public Health

Phone: 302-744-4749

Fax: 302-739-3071

Email: [email protected]

Website: Delaware Medical Marijuana Program

Note from State, on sources for medical marijuana
“The State currently recognizes properly permitted compassion centers as the only legal way to obtain marijuana” Medical Marijuana Questions & Answers [Accessed March 01, 2016]
The Delaware Patient Registry application fee is $125, however, a sliding scale fee is available, based on income. The Delaware Marijuana Registry is mandatory, and does NOT accept other state’s registry cards.

Delaware Medical Marijuana Program: Information

On May 13, 2011, Governor Jack Markell (D), signed into law Senate Bill 17, effective July 01, 2011, after it was approved by the House 27-14, and the Senate 17-4.

Senate Bill 17 was signed in May 2011 — effective July 2011 — protecting a patient from arrest if he or she has a written certification from their physician, stating that they may “benefit from the therapeutic use of medical marijuana”, where the patient has a specified debilitating medical condition. Certified patients are each required to send a copy of the written certification to the state Department of Health and Social Services, upon receipt of which, the Department will issue the patient with a Delaware ID card, validating the information. No arrests may be made, so long as the patient remains in compliance with the law. The first Delaware medical marijuana dispensary opened, near Wilmington, in June 2015.

Delaware Medical Marijuana Program: Qualifying Conditions

Adult patients in Delaware diagnosed with one of the following severe, debilitating, or life-threatening medical conditions, are afforded legal protection under the Delaware Medical Marijuana law:

Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Decompensated cirrhosis (may develop in patients diagnosed with hepatitis C), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, agitation of Alzheimer’s disease; or
A chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition or its treatment that produces one or more of the following:
cachexia or wasting syndrome;
severe/debilitating pain, that has not responded to previously prescribed medication or surgical measures for more than three months or for which other treatment options produced serious side effects;
severe nausea;
severe and persistent muscle spasms, including but not limited to those characteristic of multiple sclerosis.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), when the written certification is signed by a properly licensed psychiatrist
Or, any other medical condition or its treatment, as added by the Department.

Patients 18 years or younger — qualified by a pediatric neurologist, pediatric gastroenterologist, pediatric oncologist or pediatric palliative care specialist — must be diagnosed with one of the following severe, debilitating, or life-threatening medical conditions:

Intractable epilepsy
A chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition where they have failed treatment involving one or more of the following symptoms
Cachexia or wasting syndrome
Intractable nausea
Severe, painful and persistent muscle spasms

Delaware Medical Marijuana Program: Possession and Cultivation Regulations

Delaware patients 18 and older, with certain debilitating conditions, may possess up to six ounces of marijuana, with a valid doctor’s recommendation. Registered compassion center’s may not dispense more than 3 ounces of marijuana to a registered qualifying patient in any fourteen-day period, and a patient may only register with one compassion center. Home cultivation is NOT allowed under any circumstance.

Delaware Medical Marijuana Program: Telemedicine

Delaware marijuana doctors please be advised, you may now provide medical marijuana telemedicine services online, giving patients the ability to now see a marijuana doctor online and in real-time, via the medical marijuana telemedicine portal, provided that the medical marijuana telemedicine doctor first establish a bonafide relationship with a patient in-person, after which all follow-up visits may be conducted using medical marijuana telemedicine services, online.

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