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Benefits for Sales Representitives who Join has launched a nationwide sales network giving any individual the ability to now make money and supplement their income, with medical marijuana.

The medical cannabis industry is a rapidly expanding and highly profitable sector and because medical marijuana can only be recommended to a patient by a certified physician, sales consultants now have an opportunity to make residual monthly money by explaining the benefits of medical cannabis to a doctor and signing them up to MD’s network. By working with physicians that may or may not already be in your network, you will not only be earning a monthly commission, you will also be helping to bring compassionate care to other patients in your state.

Medical marijuana is a medicine and can only be recommended to a patient by a doctor, so if you are a true believer in the medical benefits of cannabis and believe that it is a safer alternative to treatment options currently available to patients suffering from debilitating conditions or terminal illness, and are looking for an at-home way to supplement you’re monthly income, now is the prime time to become a sales representative for MD.

MD gives you all the tools that you will need to get your business venture started, including company marketing materials, documents, accounting and legal forms.

The first step in the process, is to register by completing the form to the right. Once you are registered, download all MD’s marketing material and familiarize yourself with its content, then distribute the information to the physicians you may already have a relationship with.

MD provides physicians with a turn-key set of tools that allows doctors to understand the parameters of prescribing medical marijuana in their state, and to start seeing patients immediately by giving physicians everything they will need to generate recommendations, validate patients, and establish a digital footprint in the medical marijuana industry.

MD is the oldest and largest doctor directory for medical marijuana, in the world, and was developed and optimized under the #1 search term in the industry “Marijuana Doctor”. When a doctor signs up and joins the network, Google’s indexing of this SEO search term will immediately start to generate the exposure the physician will need to connect with local patients seeking compassionate care.

Signing up as a sales representative is a short and simple process. Don’t delay, start making money by signing up as a Sales Representative today!

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